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Yunnan HuaFang Industrial Hemp Co. Ltd.

The Demand For Consumer Goods Will Double In The Next Twenty Years
The outer stalk fibre is renowned for being the longest and strongest natural
The flowers of industrial hemp are used in medicines.
Hemp seeds produce a high quality protein, essential fatty acids, and other essential
Future business development
Coupled with today's modern science, the huge variation in the genetic traits of hemp makes it
Yunnan Huafang Industry Hemp Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company controlled by Yunnan China Health Management Co., Ltd., relying on the resources of Yunnan China Health Management Co., Ltd. and foreign shareholder companies, mainly engaged in the research, development, cultivation and processing of industrial hemp; Trade, material supply and marketing; computer data processing and applications; economic information consulting; business information consulting; biotechnology development and application; goods and technology import and export business enterprises.
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